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Don’t Leave Your Staffing Needs To Chance

Divine Healing Home Care is focused on ensuring that all vulnerable individuals receive the compassionate care they deserve—with their safety, comfort, care, and dignity being our top priorities. Whether it’s inside a hospital or assisted living home, we work to make sure your patients are never worried about the level of care they’re receiving.

Building Trusted Patient-caregiver Relationships

Our Services

Supplemental Nursing Services
Advanced Care Needs

Divine Healing Home Care supplemental nurses specialize in hands-on care for patients, keeping in constant communication with family members and other healthcare professionals. They are highly-educated nurses who are adaptable to various situations, ensuring a high level of care and prompt attention.

Housing With Services
Assisted Living

If your loved one wants to maintain their independence but needs some residential support, we offer housing accommodations that feel just like home, but with meal preparation, housekeeping, and personal care assistance.

Personal Care Assistants
Daily Routine Support

Supporting the daily lives of patients is a priority of Divine Healing Home Care, with PCAs who specialize in assisting seniors, the injured, the sick, and other vulnerable adults with their personal care routines. This includes medication reminders, mobility assistance, personal hygiene, meal preparation, feeding, companionship, and more.

Independent Living Skills
Maintaining Independence

We understand the strong desire to maintain independence, and therefore conduct thorough assessments of patients’ strengths, skills, and hindrances so that a plan can be created to keep them living independently for as long as possible. Our ILS program professionals provide hands-on instruction so that healthy living skills can be developed and independence can become a safe reality.

Crisis Respite
Emergency Support

When an emergency occurs, Divine Healing Home Care is there to provide relief and support. Our caring professionals watch over loved ones and maintain constant communication with family members, whether they live a distance away or are temporarily away from home.

Respite Care In-Home/Out-of-Home
Caregiver Support

Divine Healing Home Care acknowledges that family members and caregivers have other priorities, and we’re here to step in whenever time away is needed for personal or professional reasons. With our team supporting your loved one, time away can be taken without worry.

Companion Care Services
Comforting Conversation

Every adult needs companionship, and our team is here to listen and talk in a compassionate manner whenever it’s needed. Listening to hardships, successes, worries, and more is part of our process, and it’s our goal to ensure that every patient feels heard, valued, and loved.

Ask us about additional services provided, which include:

  • Integrated Community Services
  • 24/7 On-Call Emergency Services
  • Behavioral Program Services
  • Medical Supplies/Equipment
  • Transportation

Helping Families Secure Compassionate Care

Do you have a loved one in need of assistance, whether in their own home, assisted living, nursing home, or group home? 

Divine Healing Home Care specializes in quality care for our most vulnerable populations. We can connect you with qualified healthcare professionals who will assist your loved one with everything—from administering medications to meal preparation, and everything in between

Patients are thoughtfully matched with the ideal healthcare professional or aide to help them continue living the highest quality of life possible—leading to long-term, trusted relationships that both patients and healthcare facilities come to rely on.

We Take A Personalized Approach To Every Case, Understanding That Each Patient’s Needs Are Unique